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Travel to Mongolia: Horseback Riding in the Gobi Desert, Staying with the Tsaatan Reinder Herders around the Lake of Khövsgöl Nuur National Park, Top things to do in Ulaanbaatar, crossing on the Trans-Mongolian Express, Hiking the Sand Dunes of Khongoryn Els, Mongolian Traditions of Naadam Festival, Kazakh Traditions of the Eagle Hunters…The land of Genghis Khan and the green steppes, the nomad life and horses! Check our Mongolia Things to Do and start planning your next adventure!

Our Kazakh Homestay in the Altai: First Night and First Snow

The snow was falling hard and limited our visibility to only a few meters. Our friend Bek was a cautious driver and slowly navigated the bumps and cracks in the dirt road. It had barely taken us 30 minutes to… Continue Reading →

Gobi Desert Hiking: The Sand Dunes of the Khongoryn Els

Have you ever tried to hike up a dune in the Gobi Desert? If you are hiker like us, this shouldn’t be a big issue. Right? Think again. This was a tough, tough hike. And hot. And slippery. And my… Continue Reading →

An Encounter with the Tsaatan Reindeer Herders of Mongolia

Among the diverse nomadic tribes in Mongolia, the Tsaatan reindeer herders continue a unique traditional culture. Indeed, the Tsaatan nomads are reindeer herders live high in the Ulaan Taiga mountain range of Mongolia. We were lucky to stay with them… Continue Reading →

Stunning Mongolia Gorkhi-Terelj National Park on Horseback

Since I was a little girl riding ponies, I was fascinated by the thought of galloping through the green steppes of Mongolia. As we planned our Mongolian trip, horseback riding stood high on the list. Less than 36 hours after… Continue Reading →

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