Who are Ze Wandering Frogs?

Living the American dream to our fullest, we are French-American residing in Oakland, California. We are, however, currently on a round-the-world tour, and you can follow our world trip itinerary here.

Bruno & I in Cappadocia

We are outdoor lovers, from snowboarding and snowshoeing around Lake Tahoe in winter, to windsurfing and kiteboarding in the San Francisco Bay Area Delta or trekking in the Sierra Nevada mountain range in the summer.

Travelers at heart, we lived in France, Scotland, Taiwan, Germany, and the USA and discovered 50+ countries worldwide, from Australia, China, Thailand, Benin, Senegal to Ecuador, Brazil, Mexico, and Canada.

Why a Travel Blog?

A Global Connexion

We are living a continent apart from our families and most of our friends, so writing down about our trips felt like an excellent way to keep in touch, as well as sharing our travel experience – not only with those close to our hearts but also with the travel community. I spent a lot of time searching online about trips, and sometimes it’s hard to find specific details. My goal is to share some of these preparations, trip planning, destination feedback, and any other useful tips.

A Travel Resource

Our adventure travel blog is now aiming to take you, our readers, along with us on our travels. Peak your interests in remote destinations or less-known places. Appeal your sense of adventures in hiking far away mountains. Extend your wish to explore a city or region for cool things to do and see. Plan your trip with our travel tips and itineraries. As we circulate through Asia, America, Australia, Middle East, North America, and other areas, we work with local agencies to raise awareness and visibility to these off-the-beaten-path places. An extension to my years working in travel, supporting tour operators and destination agencies!

From our Readers:

Laura: “Thanks a lot for the wonderful description, really useful!” (Hormuz article)

Alison: “Thorough article. Makes me want to get on the water.
Used to windsurf a lot and wanted to learn kiteboarding.” (Kalpitya kiteboarding)

Erica: “Excellent post! It´s been too long since I´ve travelled to place that
feels ¨undiscovered¨ and your post made me crave an adventure.” (Turkmenistan Travel Tips)

Frenglish Name

I am neither a writer by trade, nor is English my mother tongue – apologies in advance for any grammar mistake, or weird turn of phrase. If you wonder where Ze Wandering Frogs comes from, let me explain. French people are notoriously bad at pronouncing “The” properly, which most of the time ends up sounding like “Ze.” “Wandering” is an apparent activity for travelers. And “Frogs” is our nickname from the English, as Frenchs are known to eat frogs’ legs. Hence our name!

Ze Wandering Frogs – world travelers with a French twist

On the Road: Our Best Travel Adventures

Hard to choose but some of the highlights include dog mushing in the Arctic Canada, seating by a Silverback gorilla in Rwanda, walking among iguanas and boobies in the Galapagos, diving among Manta Ray in the Big Island of Hawaii or groupers in the Great Barrier Reef, trekking in the Himalayas in Nepal, or watching Giraffe walking by from our tent in Serengeti.

In the Office: Software & Marketing Consultants

Patricia was the former Director of Content Marketing at Viator, a TripAdvisor company, and an online resource for researching and booking tours and activities worldwide. After graduating with two BAs in Marketing and Business Administration from Napier University in Scotland and IPAG Business School in France, I worked in the Education, IT, and Travel industries. During my seven years at Viator, I led a team of writers and photographers to develop the content around these tours as well as with a group of freelancers to expand the now-defunct Viator Blog. I also teamed with product managers and tour operators to promote destinations through targeted marketing activities. To strengthen my expertise, I hold a Certificate in Travel Journalist from Matador University and a Certificate in Social Media in Tourism from ITB Berlin.

Bruno was the VP Software Engineer at Black Diamond Video, a provider of digital video processing solutions for medical, federal, and commercial applications. BDV is now a STERIS company.

See our Linkedin profiles for more on our respective background: Bruno’s Linkedin & Patricia’s Linkedin.

Bruno and I are currently using their skills as Consultants. I am now a Destination Marketing Consultant, and Bruno, Software Consultant. We work with local tour operators and destination boards, writing articles to promote their tours, crafting videos featuring what destinations have to offer, and promoting on social media for outreach.

Interested in working with us to promote your tours or destination?
Contact us at [email protected] 

Where Next?

We are currently in Asia as part of our round-the-world trip – follow on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, or sign up to our newsletter to follow our adventures.

Well, there is a long list of ideas and trips, stay tuned for more! Working for a travel company means endless new destinations added to our dream list every day. We do have a bucket list, and I will be putting this on the blog at some point, to be able to make these a reality hopefully.

Stay tuned for more adventures
from our travel around the world!

Places we have been

Countries we lived inPlaces Bruno visitedPatricia’s TravelsOur Past Trips

  • State,color
  • Antigua and Barbuda,4
  • Australia,4
  • Austria,4
  • Belgium,4
  • Benin,4
  • Bonaire,4
  • Brazil,4
  • Burkina Faso,4
  • Cambodia,4
  • Canada,4
  • China,4
  • Czech Republic,4
  • Denmark,4
  • Dominican Republic,4
  • Ecuador,4
  • Egypt,4
  • Finland,4
  • France,1
  • Germany,1
  • Ghana,4
  • Guadeloupe,4
  • Hong Kong,4
  • India,4
  • Indonesia,4
  • Iran,4
  • Israel,3
  • Italy,4
  • Jordan,3
  • Kenya,4
  • Kyrgyzstan,4
  • Luxemburg,3
  • Macau,4
  • Malaysia,4
  • Mexico,4
  • Monaco,4
  • Mongolia,4
  • Nepal,4
  • Netherlands,4
  • Pakistan,4
  • Papua New Guinea,4
  • Philippines,4
  • Puerto Rico,4
  • Rwanda,4
  • Senegal,4
  • Singapore,4
  • Spain,4
  • Sri Lanka,4
  • Sweden,2
  • Switzerland,4
  • Taiwan,1
  • Tajikistan,4
  • Tanzania,4
  • Thailand,4
  • Togo,4
  • Turkey,4
  • Turkmenistan,4
  • United Kingdom,1
  • US,1
  • Uzbekistan,4
  • Venezuela,4
  • Vietnam,4
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