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Orkhon Valley

Tuvkhun Monastery: The Stunning Perched Tibetan Buddhist Temple of the Okhron Valley

Tuvkhun Monastery, located in the Mongolian province of Ovorkhangai, is a significant religious and cultural site that is renowned for its stunning natural setting and rich history. We visited the monastery as part of our Gobi trip during our two-month… Continue Reading →

The Orkhon Valley – The Heart of Nomadic Mongolia

The Orkhon Valley is a beautiful region located in central Mongolia, known for its stunning landscapes and rich cultural history. The valley is home to a number of interesting sights and attractions, and is a great destination for those interested… Continue Reading →

Ancient Erdene Zuu Monastery and Karakorum – A Glimpse into the Mongol Empire

Erdene Zuu Monastery is a historic Buddhist monastery located in Kharkhorin, the name of the current city that was built over the ancient Karakorum, the city founded by Genghis Khan and the capital of the Mongol Empire. Given the importance of… Continue Reading →

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