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Raja Ampat

Why you should explore these off-the-beaten-path destinations in Asia

Thailand and Vietnam might come first to mind when you think Asia, but the region has much more to offer than beaches and popular resorts. Not than anything is wrong with relaxing on the beach! But if you are looking… Continue Reading →

Les meilleurs sites de plongée autour de l’île de Kri, Raja Ampat, Papouasie

Les sites de plongée autour de l’île Kri sont mondialement connus et pour de bonnes raisons. Un grand choix de sites, de magnifiques îles, une eau turquoise et une vie marine remarquable font de Raja Ampat une destination de plongée… Continue Reading →

Top Dive Sites around Kri Island, Raja Ampat, Papua

Dive sites around Kri Island are world-famous and for good reasons. Plenty sites to choose from, stunning islands, turquoise water, and remarkable marine life make Raja Ampat a prime scuba-diving destination. Of course, conditions vary depending on when you visit,… Continue Reading →

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