We are thrilled today to learn that one of our photos has been selected and published by the National Geographic Daily Dozen on Feb 25, 2016. What a great news!

The winners of the Daily Dozen might be selected later on for a possible publication in a future issue of National Geographic magazine. That is so exciting!

National Georgrahic Daily Dozen Feb. 25, 2016

Perfect use by this street performer of New-Orleans pedestrian rule for most of the French-Quarter!

Source: Street time-slice Photo by Bruno Chartier – Ze Wandering Frogs — National Geographic Your Shot

The photo was taken during our trip to New Orleans with a Canon PowerShot G2 camera. The French Quarter was buzzing with street artists and we thank them for bringing their contributions to great compositions.

This praise from such a prominent magazine is highly motivating and inspires us to keep improving our photographic skills and engaging in other photo assignments.

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