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Things to Do in Senegal Travel Guide & Itinerary with Cruise

Senegal is a jewel in West Africa that should intrigue any traveler. The small country is popular with French travelers due to its past Colonial history, but packed with history, national parks, and extensive coastline, Senegal has a lot to… Continue Reading →

Elusive Lac Rose: Pink Lake Senegal Flickering Shades

The Lac Rose is probably the better-known attraction of Senegal. Indeed, the Pink Lake Senegal is famous for has such beautiful deep colors that make the trip from Dakar worth it. Though, as we experienced ourselves, the colorful hues appear… Continue Reading →

Goree Island Senegal: Where Ugly and Beauty Meet

When in Dakar, Senegal, make sure to add Goree Island to your itinerary. The easy Dakar day trip is a must-do as it will take you to some of the darkest times of Senegal, and well, the world history, as… Continue Reading →

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