Mongolia’s skies are different. Noticeably different and beautifully so. It could be because of the abundance of unobstructed immensities, or because one’s sight is rarely distracted by artificial features or human construction.

We spent two months in Mongolia, discovering Central Mongolia and Ulaan Bataar, exploring the taiga around Lake Khovsgol in the North, the Gobi Desert in the South, and the Altai Mountains in the West. And we never got tired of the Mongolian sky, as we witnessed its endless changing states, sometimes within seconds…

And because photos speak louder than words, here is our photo essay on some of the celestial moods encountered across this beautiful country.

Click on the photos to see them in full size.

‘Til Dawn

Timid Clouds

Silk and Cotton

Extremely Sheepish

Silky Way

A Storm is Coming

Dark Times

Eerie Clearings

Skies of Fiery Glows

Otherworldly *

*also my favorite!


Selecting these photos was a hard process, given we had about 600 sky photos to review. When we say we loved the Mongolian sky, this was an understatement… We hope that these photos will translate how fantastic Mongolia is. If in doubt, go and find out yourself – you won’t regret it.

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Skies of Mongolia // Mongolia's skies are different. Noticeably different and beautifully so. And because photos speak louder than words, follow the mood of Mongolia through...

Skies of Mongolia

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