Imagine a road that takes you away from the bustling cities. At the end of the road, the ocean. There, a few dunes, a quiet lagoon, a couple of cows nibbling on the dry brushes, a dog or two strolling the shores, a bird flying low. Whether you are a kiteboarder coming for the constant solid winds and shallow turquoise water, or a birdwatcher looking for endangered species, the quiet of the place, the remoteness, and its beauty, are sure to charm you. Plan on extending your stay there because you might not want to leave. Well, luckily, the new Vayu Resort is right there to let you enjoy the secluded setting while resting in one of the exclusive accommodations.

Vayu Resort: The Complex

Mannar Peninsula is about 300 kilometers (around 190 miles) north of Colombo on the West coast of Sri Lanka. At the edge of the small Talaimannar town, the west-most point is the beginning of the famed Adam’s Bridge that in mythological times is said to have linked Sri Lanka with India along a 50-kilometer (30-mile) long sandbank. Unfortunately, a cyclone destroyed the said land connection in the 15th century.

Sri. Lanka Mannar Vayu Resort. Vayu Resort by Adam's Bridge

Vayu Resort by Adam’s Bridge – Photo courtesy of Vayu Resort

Thanks to its location built right by the water, Vayu Resort offers unobstructed views, access to the kitesurfing area, and to the nearby Adam’s Bridge Marine National Park. The complex is all new as of Summer 2017, nestled among dunes and native brushes, a short distance from the town of Talaimannar.

Sri. Lanka Mannar Vayu Resort. Sand dunes around Vayu Resort

Dunes around Vayu Resort

With only 12 wooden bungalows and eight spacious tents as of 2017, the resort feels like a retreat. The complex has an on-site restaurant, a lounge area, and a second-floor open viewpoint that combines as a yoga class. The staff lives on-site and is ready to help at any time.

Sri. Lanka Mannar Vayu Resort. View from the Lounge Area to Adam's Bridge Ocean.

View from the Lounge Area to Adam’s Bridge Ocean

Sri. Lanka Mannar Vayu Resort. Chill area

Chill area – Photo courtesy of Vayu Resort

Sri. Lanka Mannar Vayu Resort. Top Floor of the Resort

Top Floor of the Resort

Sri. Lanka Mannar Vayu Resort. Cows by the lagoon

Cows by the lagoon

Vayu Resort: Bungalows & Tents

All six deluxe cabanas are separate from each other for increased privacy. The cabanas stand on pilotis, which provide incredible views of the ocean and clearance and protection against the flying sand. The spacious rooms are beautifully decorated with wooden furniture and colorful curtains.

Sri. Lanka Mannar Vayu Resort. Bungalow by the dunes

Deluxe Bungalow among the dunes

Sri. Lanka Mannar Vayu Resort. A Million-Dollar View

A Million-Dollar View

Sri. Lanka Mannar Vayu Resort. Wooden furniture in the Deluxe Bungalow

Wooden furniture in the Deluxe Bungalow

Sri. Lanka Mannar Vayu Resort. Inside the bungalow

Inside the bungalow

Sri. Lanka Mannar Vayu Resort. Lounge chair on the patio

Lounge chair on the patio

Sri. Lanka Mannar Vayu Resort. Mosquito Net

Mosquito Net

A mosquito net gives you peace of mind at night, although the constant breeze keeps the mosquitos at bay most of the time. The porch and lounge chairs are a great place to chill after a long “hard” day of kiteboarding or birdwatching. As for the bathroom, how does showering under the stars sound? Step into your spacious private area, where you find a large mirror, a towel hanger, and hot water readily available. With options to fit four people, the wooden cabanas are suitable for friends and families.

Sri. Lanka Mannar. Deluxe Bungalow Open-Air Shower

Deluxe Bungalow Open-Air Shower

Sri. Lanka Mannar. Deluxe Bungalow Bathroom Decoration

Deluxe Bungalow Bathroom Decoration

The six white-washed garden bungalows are tucked among dunes. The rooms are tastefully furnished, with a wooden bed and shelves, a mosquito net, and a high ceiling for keeping the bungalows cool. The private open-air bathroom is perfect for showering under the sun (or the stars!).

Sri. Lanka Mannar Vayu Resort. Garden Bungalows

Garden Bungalows

Sri. Lanka Mannar Vayu Resort. Inside the Garden Bungalow

Inside the Garden Bungalow – Photo courtesy of Vayu Resort

Sri. Lanka Mannar Vayu Resort. Garden Bungalow Open-Air Bathroom

Garden Bungalow Open-Air Bathroom – Photo courtesy of Vayu Resort

The eight deluxe tents are perfect for backpackers and budget travelers. Set with floor mattresses, towels, and bedsheets, the tents are under shaded covers to keep them cool even under the hot Sri Lankan sun. The shared bathroom is only a few steps ahead.

Sri. Lanka Mannar Vayu Resort. Tent with sun shade

Tent with sunshade – Photo courtesy of Vayu Resort

Sri. Lanka Mannar Vayu Resort. Cosy tent setting

Cozy tent setting – Photo courtesy of Vayu Resort

Sri. Lanka Mannar Vayu Resort. Shared Bathroom

Shared Bathroom – Photo courtesy of Vayu Resort

Some of the rooms can be converted to accommodate families of four people. So if you come with your family as part of your kiting vacation or birdwatching outing, the resort offers discounts for kids under 13 years.

Food at the Vayu Resort

The resort is full-board, meaning breakfast, lunch, and dinner are included in your stay.

Since the resort was officially closed, we did not taste the food ourselves. But our friend Kobus could not stop raving about it, saying the food was terrific! He stressed that there was something different every day, with a wide variety of food on offer. The meals offered local Sri Lankan food, from rotti, kottu, and traditional rice and curry. Western meals are also provided, as well as vegetarians. So whether you are a meat-eater, seafood lover, or veggie enthusiast, liking it spicy or mild, the staff at Vayu can cater to your needs and preferences. The buffet option offers fresh salads and fruits for the taking. Plentiful and tasty, the food at Vayu Resort aims to fill the tummies of hungry kiters after their long and challenging sessions.

Tea and coffee are free and available throughout the day. In addition, the resort provides water dispensers to let you refill your bottles all day long. Not only does it prevents you from suffering from dehydration due to the constant heat, but it is also environmentally friendly, limiting the plastic containers that cause so much pollution.

Nightlife around Mannar

The resort is remote, and there is not much party life there or in the nearby town. Plus, unless you have your means of transportation, you might need a taxi to get anywhere. So if partying is your thing, you might want to look into another place.

But if you are into mingling with other guests and making friends with people from all around the world, drinking a cold beer or two while chatting with the kite instructors about jump tricks, or sharing kiteboarding stories, then you found a great place. The open dinner and lounge areas mean the wind blows straight onto the resort like a natural fan keeping it nice and cool.

But the resort is not without evening entertainment! Bonfires, live music on the beach – plenty of opportunities to socialize and have a great time!

Mannar Kiteboarding

With the wind blowing steadily, shallow lagoon, and warm flat water, it’s not surprising that Mannar is a prime kitesurfing destination. The season runs mainly in the summer, though winter also offers good kiteboarding opportunities. For more information, check our post about kiteboarding in Mannar.

Sri. Lanka Mannar Vayu Resort. Kitesurfing in Mannar

Kitesurfing in Mannar – Photo courtesy of Vayu Resort

The resort has been built with kitesurfers in mind. During the kitesurfing season, the resort provides free storage for your gear, free boat rescues on the lagoon, and staff to help you out on the beach. A kiteschool, gear rental, and a kite shop are also available on site. For those looking to improve their skills, the resort offers kite clinics.

Epic downwinders long of 84 miles (135 km) from their Kitesurfing Lanka Resort in Kalpitiya to Mannar are organized by the same folks as Vayu Resort. Only a few trips are run, and spots are limited – make sure to contact them early to reserve your participation.

Mannar Birdwatching

Vayu Resort is right by the Adam’s Bridge Marine National Park. Come winter, migrating birds flock to the islands and make it the perfect birdwatching destination, including several endangered species.

Sri. Lanka Mannar Vayu Resort. Vayu Resort Birdwatching

Vayu Resort Birdwatching – Photo courtesy of Vayu Resort

During a survey done in February 2018 by zoologists from the University of Colombo, they observed about 90 species of birds, including around 50 breeding residents, 40 winter migrant birds, and a total number of 1,880 birds.

Catch the sight of one of Sri Lanka birds right from your bungalow: Greater Flamingos, Black Tail Godwits, Garganeys, Pintail Ducks, Gulls, Plovers, Terns all in flocks of several hundred. You may even catch the sight of raptors: White Bellied Sea Eagles, Brahmini Kites, Common Kestrels, and even Crab Plovers and Pied Avocets. An ornithologist’s dream come true! So bring your binoculars and your best photography equipment!

Mannar Beach & Waterfront

  • The 16-kilometer (10-mile) sandbar at the beginning of the Adam’s Bridge separates the ocean into two separate beach sides. The south part of the dunes sees waves in summer, the north part flat water.
  • The north side features white sand and warm, shallow turquoise water, making it ideal for kiteboarding, a simple stroll, or watching birds flying by.
  • Due to the tides and waves, the ocean side tends to receive some sea pollution, unfortunately, common in Asia. The owners of Vayu have been pioneered sustainable, eco-friendly projects around Kalpitiya and are planning similar efforts in Mannar.


PODCAST: Listen to Dilsiri Welikala, one of the owners of Vayu Resort.
He talks about some of the sustainable initiatives he and his team are working on.

Sri. Lanka Mannar Vayu Resort. Turquoise shallow water and white sand beach!

Turquoise shallow water and white sand beach!

Vayu Resort Activities:

Besides kiteboarding and birdwatching, the resort offers several on-site activities:

  • Free activities: Grab one of the SUPs (Stand Up Paddles), bicycles, kayaks, volleyball, pétanques, darts, or explore!
  • Paid Activities: From Yoga to snorkeling or scuba-diving, even massages or motorbike rental. Birdwatching in the nearby Adams Bridge Marine National Park is also recommended during the winter season. Pick one, or several, depending on how much you want to chill or get adventurous!

Vayu Resort: Yoga Retreat

During the off-windy seasons, Vayu Resort also organizes weekly yoga retreats and hosts events, conferences, and incentive trips. Secluded and remote, the resort is perfect for meditation or team building. Retreats are available from the 15th of October to the 15th of December and the 1st of March to the 1st of May.

Sri. Lanka Mannar Vayu Resort. Yoga Session

Yoga Session – Photo courtesy of Vayu Resort

Day trips from Mannar

  • The Wilpattu National Park is only a couple of hours away and a great place to find the elusive Sri Lankan leopards or one of the rare two-tuskers Sri Lankan elephants.
  • History buffs will want to explore the ancient cities of Anuradhapura or Sigiriya.
  • Rent a scooter or bike and discover the nearby fishing villages around Tailamannar, go to the old Lighthouse, or drive by the natural Palmira Palms
Leopards in Wilpattu National Park

Leopards in Wilpattu National Park

Supporting the Local Community

Besides implementing eco-friendly projects to manage plastic bottle pollution, the owners of the Vayu Resort hired local staff from the nearby villages. They are training them with the help of their experienced team from their Kitesurfing Lanka Resort in Kalpitiya.

Sri. Lanka Mannar. Teaching Languages to the Local Community

Teaching Languages to the Local Community

People in that part of Sri Lanka speak Tamil, which is the second official language in the country, and Singha spoken in the southern region. So the resort hired a local English / Tamil / Singha teacher to teach and improve the knowledge of these three languages to the staff. The classes are offered three times a week, and free to all staff.

Vayu Resort Travel Tips

  • The sun in Sri Lanka is extreme! Make sure to take high SPF sunscreens, sunglasses, and a good hat.
  • Share a taxi to keep the costs down.
  • Bring a reusable water bottle.
  • Check our post on Kiteboarding Mannar for tips on what to bring
  • The evenings can be on the cold side with the wind continually blowing. Take something warm with you to wear
  • Prepare for a long day ride from Colombo as the 300-kilometer (190 miles) trip, which takes 5 to 7 hours by private car. Break it with a visit to the Wilpattu National Park and search for elephants and leopards. Or check the ancient cities along the road.

How to Get to Mannar Sri Lanka

  • By Private Car with Driver: Vayu Resort can organize a private car, the most convenient and fastest way to reach Mannar. Vayu can arrange transportation from the Negombo Colombo International Airport for US$ 140 (Euro 120). A shared taxi can be arranged as well.
  • By Train: Trains in Sri Lanka are pretty efficient and run on time. Take one of the two daily trains from Negombo up to Talaimannar.
    • Visit the Sri Railway website for more information
    • Make sure to double-check the names of the stations before booking to ensure the correct names and locations.
Sri. Lanka Mannar Vayu Resort. Where to find the Vayu Resort

Where to find the Vayu Resort – Photo courtesy of Vayu Resort

Vayu Resort is a fantastic resort in an excellent location. We, unfortunately, did not get to experience the full benefits of the new complex as we stayed there right after the end of the summer season when the place was officially closed. So while we did not get to taste the yummy food ourselves or got to kite, we did enjoy the luxury accommodation and met the friendly team.

Sri. Lanka Mannar Vayu Resort. Sunset over Vayu Resort Bungalows

Sunset over Vayu Resort Bungalows

Sri. Lanka Mannar Vayu Resort. Sunset Dream

Sunset Dream

Moreover, our good friend Kobus De Wet spent several days during the high summer kiteboarding season. We teamed up with him to get his feedback on this experience to compile both our experiences. Kobus is an IKO instructor traveling to meet and teach new people worldwide, including Kalpitiya, Sri Lanka, Kenya, and Zanzibar, Tanzania. So we trust his judgment when it comes to kiteboarding resorts. His home base is in Cape Town, South Africa, where he spends the African summer months managing his own kiteschool Kiting Buddies. Thanks, Kobus, for sharing your insights!

Sri. Lanka Mannar Vayu Resort. Kobus chatting with locals.

Our friend Kobus De Wet chatting with locals

Since we were not there at the high of the season, we featured photos from both Kobus and Vayu Resort in addition to our own. Given that the resort was officially closed when we stayed, we did not do a What we liked/did not like summary. But one thing for sure is that we liked what we saw and can’t wait to go back to get the whole experience! Whether you kitesurfed or not, whether you are a birdwatcher at heart or not, the quiet of the place, the nice resort setup, and the warm welcome of the Vayu Resort team will for sure make your stay a blast!

Our stay was in partnership with Vayu Resort, thanks to Dilsiri Welikala. Thank you for the terrific opportunity! Our opinion is our own and is not impacted by this connection.

Note that the property has changed ownership as of 2021, and the Vayu Sri Lanka Resort appears to be temporarily closed. However, the same spirit we found at the Vayu Resort is still alive with Dil and his team of passionate kiteboarders and dedicated staff managing the popular Kitesurfing Lanka resort in Kalpitiya.

Check our Sri Lanka travel posts for more information about this great country, including the top Kalpitiya kiteboarding spots and Kitesurfing in Mannar.

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