Coming straight from our travels, we have the perfect photos to help you promote your destinations, tours, and activities. Our high-resolution photos are exclusive shots not for sale anywhere else. Search our photo portfolio and find your preferred travel stock photos.

Adventure Travel Photos

Our photos focus on:

  • Outdoor activities: hiking, kayaking, biking, kiteboarding, scuba diving, horseback riding, and more!
  • Wildlife: preferably in their natural habitat
  • Nature: from the high mountains to the deep oceans, through green jungle, desert dunes, and white glaciers
  • Traditions: staying with local people, witnessing the ancient heritage, sharing the stories and portraits

How to Find Your Stock Photos

  • Search by:
    • Country, City/Destination
    • Keyword for specific Attraction or Activity
  • More travel photos!
    • We have more photos than we can feature here
    • Feel free to contact us for other destinations and activities
  • Process:
    • Let us know which photos you are interested in
    • We offer a wide range of photo options for each topic (if you have several tours on the same topic, and to reduce the use of each photo)
    • Contact us at [email protected]
    • Upon payment, we will send you the high-resolution versions of your selection
    • See our Terms and Conditions for more details on photo usage and license

Pick Your Destinations

AsiaChinaDali Kunming
AsiaMongoliaGobi Desert Altai
AsiaPapua New GuineaSepik River
AsiaSri LankaKalpitiya KiteboardingWilpattu Leopards
Middle EastIranHormuzShiraz
AfricaRwandaGorillas Trekking
North AmericaUSAAlaska
OceaniaAustraliaGreat Barrier Reef DivingKakaduKangaroo Island

Africa Travel Photos

Rwanda Travel Photos

Volcanoes National Park: Gorilla Trekking, Jungle, Mountains

Asia Travel Photos

China Travel Photos

Yunnan Dali Travel Photos: South Gate, Yu’Er Park, Cangshan Mountains, Er Hai Lake, Traditions, Traditional Bai Houses

Yunnan Kunming Travel Photos: Yuantong Temple, Shilin Stone Forest, Traditions

India Travel Photos

Rajasthan Pushkar Travel Photos: Pushkar Lake, Monkeys, Hindu Funeral, Hindu Traditions, Pushkar Temple, Brahma Temple, Pushkar Architecture, Pushkar Buildings

Rajasthan Jaisalmer Travel Photos: Thar Desert, Camel Safari, Village Life, Camels, Indian Women, Sunset, Indian Food, Camel Trek, Khaba Fort, Jaisalmer Festival, Jaisalmer Desert Festival

Kerala Travel Photos: Kochi, Cochin, Munnar, Tea Gardens, Wildlife, Kerala Backwaters, Boat

Mongolia Travel Photos

Altai Region: Altai Tavan Bodg National Park, Kazakh Traditions, Golden Eagle Festival, Horses, Yurts, Mountains, Olgii

Papua New Guinea Travel Photos

Sepik River: Traditions, Traditional Dances, PNG, Crodocile Dance, Mask Dance, Villages

Sri Lanka Travel Photos

Kalpitiya Kiteboarding: Kitesurfing, Kalpitiya Lagoon

Wilpattu National Park: Leopards, Elephants, Wildlife, Safari

Middle East Travel Photos

Iran Travel Photos

Hormuz Travel Photos: Hormuz Island, Persian Gulf, Rainbow Island, Pink Beach

Shiraz Travel Photos: Persepolis, Nasir al-Mulk Mosque (Pink Mosque), Karim Khan Citadel, Shiraz Bazaar

North America Travel Photos

USA Travel Photos

Alaska Travel Photos: Katmai Grizzlies, Kenai National Park, Denali National Park, Wrangell St. Elias, Flightseeing, Glacier Hiking, Native Heritage, Anchorage, Homer

Oceania Travel Photos

Australia Travel Photos

Great Barrier Reef Diving: Scuba Diving, Cairns, Liveaboard, Dive Boat

Kakadu: National Park, Wildlife, Aboriginal Art Rock, Ubirr, Crocodile, Yellow River, Cruise, Bird Watching

Kangaroo Island: Koala Sanctuary, Stokes Bay, Remarkable Rocks, Admiral Arch, Kangaroo, Wildlife

Outdoors & Activities

Kitesurfing & Kiteboarding Photos

Note: The photos featuring close-up shots of people in this section are NOT for sale but to show the types of photos we can take when on location at kite resorts and kite spots.

Terms and Conditions

  •  Prices:
    • Vary depending on photos and destinations
    • Bulk prices available from 10+ photos
  • Usage Permission
    • Ze Wandering Frogs retain full ownership of these photos.
    • Upon payment of the licensing fees, the licensee will receive
      • Non-exclusive rights of use of the photo(s)
      • Non-transferable rights
    • Digital Marketing usage by default
    • Other usages available upon discussion
    • We monitor the use of our photos and use services that track any infringement.
    • Photo infringement will be charged penalty fees
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