Lassen Volcanic National Park is a beautiful park located in northeastern California, known for its geothermal features and rugged wilderness.

Things to Do in Lassen National Park 

Hike to Lassen Peak

Lassen Peak is the highest point in the park and offers stunning views of the surrounding area. The hike to the peak is strenuous and involves some steep sections, but it is well worth the effort.

Visit the Lassen Volcanic National Park Visitor Center

The visitor center is a great place to learn about the park’s geology, history, and wildlife. The center has a number of exhibits and offers ranger-led talks and walks.

Go geothermal exploring

Lassen Volcanic National Park is home to a number of geothermal features, including boiling mudpots, steaming fumaroles, and hot springs. These features can be accessed via a number of short trails in the park.

Take a scenic drive

Lassen Volcanic National Park has a number of scenic drives that offer stunning views of the park’s natural beauty. One popular drive is the Lassen Peak Highway, which takes you to the summit of Lassen Peak.

Go backpacking

Lassen Volcanic National Park has a number of backpacking trails that take you through the park’s rugged wilderness. These trails offer a chance to experience the park’s natural beauty and solitude.


How to Visit Lassen Volcanic National Park


  1. Get a map: A map of the park can be helpful for navigating the park and finding the attractions you want to see. You can pick up a map at the park’s visitor center or download one from the park’s website.
  2. Wear appropriate clothing and footwear: Lassen Volcanic National Park has a variety of terrain, ranging from forests to rocky trails. It’s important to wear appropriate clothing and footwear for the activities you’ll be doing in the park.
  3. Bring water and snacks: It’s a good idea to bring plenty of water and snacks with you when you visit the park, especially if you’re planning to do any hiking. There are water fountains and restrooms throughout the park, but they may not be accessible on all trails.
  4. Respect the park’s natural resources: Lassen Volcanic National Park is home to a variety of plant and animal species, and it’s important to respect the park’s natural resources. Stay on designated trails, do not pick flowers or plants, and leave no trace.
  5. Follow park rules and regulations: Lassen Volcanic National Park has rules and regulations in place to protect the park’s natural resources and ensure the safety of visitors. Be sure to follow these rules and regulations while you’re in the park.

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