Kerman Iran is the main hub to explore the Lut Desert, but the ancient city offers plenty on its own. Kerman is indeed worth a visit and you can spend two days there. Here are our recommended things to do in Kerman.

Things to Do in Kerman Iran // Ganjali Khan Complex

Ganjali Khan Complex

Things to Do in Kerman

Ganjali Khan Complex

Exploring the Ganjali Khan Complex, one of the top attractions of Kerman. Dated back from the 17th century during the Safavid-era, the complex is located in what is now Kerman’s old city center. Covering over 11,000 sq. meters, the complex includes square, school, bathhouse, caravanserai, bank, mosque, and bazaar. A great place to get a sense of the city, people watching, and getting a sense of the local history.

The bazaar is best visited in the afternoon when the shops are open and the hallways busy with families. On Thursdays’ afternoons and Fridays, most of the bazaar will be closed.

Entrance fees: Free

Things to Do in Kerman Iran // Ganjali Khan Bazaar

Ganjali Khan Bazaar

Hammam Ganjali Khan

The old bathhouse dates back to 1631 and is part of the Vakil Bazaar in the Ganjali Khan Complex. The ceiling is painted with symbolics and scenes from the Safavid era, with fine details of hunters on horses, animals, acrobats, dancers, and more. Quite unusual to see but worth stopping while visiting the Vakil Bazaar.

Entrance fees: Free

Things to Do in Kerman Iran // Ganjali Khan Hammam

Ganjali Khan Hammam

Fath abad Garden  

Also called the Biglarbeygi Garden, the garden and architecture were built as a memorial of “Fazl Ali Khan Biglarbeygi” who was a ruler of Kerman. We recommend visiting the gardens at night, where the building is beautifully lit. Make sure to visit the inside of the building, to see lovely traditional rooms.

Entrance Fees: 120,000 IRR per person

Things to Do in Kerman Iran // Fath abad Garden by Night

Fath abad Garden by Night

Zoroastrian Tower of Silence

In Zoroastrian tradition, dead bodies were considered unclean. To prevent contamination of the earth, bodies were placed on a tower platform to let birds of prey clean the bones. Sun and wind would bleach the bones, which were placed in an ossuary pit at the center of the tower. Lime would disintegrate the bones, rainwater would further disseminate the remains.

Things to Do in Kerman Iran // Zoroastrian Tower of Silence

Zoroastrian Tower of Silence

The death ritual was first mentioned in the Histories of Herodotus in the mid-5th century BC, and was still being used in Iran until the 1970s. The site is bare of any information but made it even more so enjoyable allowing us to take in the scenery and history of the place without any distraction. Going there at sunset was an added bonus, as the golden colors painted the sober building of a warm glow. Totally recommended when visiting Kerman.

Where to Stay in Kerman

We stayed at Yas Guesthouse Kerman, a budget hostel close to the Ganjali Khan Complex. The hostel is comfortable, the shower area clean and the water hot. A breakfast of eggs, bread, cheese, and jam is included in the price. There is no dormitory but rooms with twin beds. Our host was a treasure of information about Kerman and the whole region around the Lut Desert. Our driver came through Yas Guesthouse. The cost for the twin bedroom was 20 Euro per night.

How to Get to Kerman

  • By Train
    • Trains connect Kerman with Yazd, Zahedan, and Mashhad.
    • Ticket train from Mashhad for 2nd Class: 1,050,000 per person.
  • By Bus
    • Like most of Iran main cities, you can easily travel by bus. Board one of the many buses, VIP or regular, to Kerman.
    • VIP bus tickets from Shiraz and Bandar Abbas would be around 400,000 IRR.


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