We are usually all harnessed in technical gear, ready for any adventure travel or outdoor activity. Mostly because we go trekking in high mountains, kiteboarding in turquoise lagoons, or exploring remote regions of Mongolia, Canada, or Pakistan. However, when it comes to traveling to hot climates, I admit I like to have a few more items in addition to my regular hiking pants and board shorts. That’s how I added a few essential travel clothing for hot climates to my packing list. Finding the right summer clothes for women takes some time as well as they come in different shapes and sizes, and of course, purposes!

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Why Travel Clothing for Hot Climates?

More of my usual gear would be suitable for hot climates as they are lightweight, dry quickly, and work well for warm temperatures. However, they tend to be tight outfits that work best in for outdoor activities.

As we traveled this summer in the South of France and Africa, I realized I needed to add a few more items to make travel more comfortable. And because we will be traveling to conservative countries, I had to find women’s clothes for hot climates that would show less skin than the usual summer beach clothes.

See below some of the easy summer outfits for women I liked and packed.

What to Wear for Hot Weather

Before discussing design, I usually avoid cotton, linen, and leather during our outdoor activities. But these materials are perfect for the summer’s hot temperatures. I also enjoy Rayon and viscose fabrics – soft and comfortable to wear. Here are what I found as new cute summer clothes.

Large Travel Scarf 

My large scarf turned pareo turned towel turned sun blocker is the one item that never leaves me – come summer or winter, and anything in-between. But a long thin scarf is even better in summer as you can use it as a pareo, a beach towel or cover from the sun. My long scarf is really light, which makes it ideal for any trip. The number one item for accessorizing cute summer outfits as well!

No need to spend a lot of money on this scarf, and if you forgot to buy one from home, these long cotton pieces are easy to find in almost every country in Asia, Central Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. Here in Tanzania, they are called kangas, but headscarves are everywhere.

Travel Packing List: Essential Women’s Travel Clothing for Hot Climates // Must-Have: Long Scarf

Must-Have: Long Scarf

Pick Your Travel Skirt

The best travel skirt is the perfect piece of clothing when traveling to hot weather countries. A long travel skirt protects against the sun during the day and from mosquitoes at night. It’s also the right length when traveling to more conservative destinations.

Last but not least, I sometimes wear it from my chest, transforming the skirt into a casual dress.

High-waist long skirts like the Kate Kasin Beach Skirt are ideal for evening or day outings. I wear it with a simple cotton top for a casual day trip vibe or add a nice shoulder off the top (see below) for a refined look.

Women’s Travel Clothing for Hot Climates // Kate Kasin Skirt and Top

Kate Kasin Skirt and Top

Women’s Travel Tops

Perfect for walking the beaches of Zanzibar, a spaghetti top is essential clothing and can be layered with a scarf or under a long-sleeve shirt.

An alternative to spaghetti, a sleeveless top is an excellent addition to wear if you are exploring a city or going out at night for a drink. A top with off shoulder design like this Kate Kasin Summer Top makes it perfect for an evening out.

The large scarf comes in handy to cover shoulders if need be.

Casual Summer Dresses for Women

Flowers or patterns, colors, beads, or lace will all make for lively summer dresses. The Kate Kasin Retro Summer Dress is a good example of a light yet dress floral dress.

What makes a good travel dress, in my mind, is that it should be lightweight, wrinkle-free, and colorful.

Women’s Travel Clothing for Hot Climates // Kate Kasin Summer Dress

Kate Kasin Summer Dress

Best Travel Shorts: Pantacourts!  

While, in theory, not travel shorts, I actually prefer pantacourts to real short shorts. A highly versatile piece of clothing, a pantacourt (jupe-culotte, capri, or gaucho) is awesome when you need to be active and don’t want to be too hot in a pant or play like the famous scene of Marilyn Monroe over the subway grate. All while being acceptable in some conservative countries since they are under the knees.

I wear mine for short hikes or if we bike through a city.

The design of these pantacourts is usually wide, which makes them breezy and adequate in a conservative culture.

Click here to see the type and costs of these pantacourts

Women’s Travel Clothing for Hot Climates // Pantacourt with spaghetti cami top

Pantacourt with spaghetti cami top

Lightweight Travel Pants

Regarding travel pants, women can choose from so many different options. Some of the best travel pants for women also depend on your height. As a petite woman, finding the right pant is tricky.

Linen and cotton are your friends in hot, summer temperatures. While these fabrics are not the best quick-dry pants for travel, they are comfortable. And a pant is a must-have for evenings against mosquitoes, insects, and dirt. The length under the ankle might be required when visiting some religious monuments, so if you don’t have a skirt or a sarong to cover down, make sure to pack loose-fitting pants.

Why bootcut? Well, stay away from form-fitting pants that might be too revealing, and bootcut style is usually a straightened design.

Click here to find the prices of these linen pants

Women’s Travel Clothing for Hot Climates // Linen Pant

Linen Pant

Best Travel Shirts

Lightweight travel shirts come in short and long sleeves. For Africa and other hot weather countries, I prefer a long-sleeve shirt. Indeed, to protect against the sun or insects, long sleeves are recommended. Loose tops are usually airier and would work well in summer. A button-down shirt might have the extra benefit of being used as an evening layer when you wear it over a spaghetti or cami top.

Large Brimmed Hat

Beware of the sun and insolation! I am sensitive to the sun, and a hat is a must-have for me. I have a cap when we do outdoor activities, but I prefer a wide-brimmed hat for simply exploring the city.

Women’s Travel Clothing for Hot Climates // Wide Brimmed Hat

Wide Brimmed Hat

Open-Toe Sandals

I usually wear Teva Sandals or my hiking boots when we go to the mountains, but I was looking for open-toe sandals with a softer look. Many sandals have skinny soles, which tend to become uncomfortable after a short walk. So I prefer shoes with thicker soles that provide better support and prevent pain. They tend to be more expensive, but nothing worse than bad shoes to turn your trip into a nightmarish experience.

Women’s Travel Clothing for Hot Climates // Summer Sandals

Summer Sandals

Check these sandals: Taos Trophy 2 Sandals | Clarks Leisa Sandals | Taos Beauty 2 Sandals | B.O.C Kesia Sandals | B.O.C Sophina Sandals | Blowfish Granola Fisherman Sandals | Teva Elzada Sandals

What are your must-go summer travel clothes that you can’t live without? We would love to hear from you, so please share your tips and suggestions!

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This post contains affiliate links, which means we receive a percentage if you make a purchase using these links – at no cost to you. Our opinions are our own and are not impacted by these partnerships.

Packing List: Women’s Travel Clothing for Hot Climates // Kate Kasin Skirt and Top in front of Paje house Zanzibar

Packing List: Women’s Travel Clothing for Hot Climates // Kate Kasin Summer Dress Standing by Tree in Paje Zanzibar

Packing List: Women’s Travel Clothing for Hot Climates // Kate Kasin Long Skirt and Shoulder Top walking on Paje beach in Zanzibar

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