Looking for ideas on adventure travel gear and outdoor equipment? Need a list of what to buy for your next outdoor adventure? Not sure what to purchase for your travel electronics? Search no more!

We all travel differently, and all have our preferences in what gear or device we can’t do without and why. After a year and a half traveling through Southeast Asia, and hundreds of trekking trips in the mountains and abroad, here are some of the adventure travel gear we came to appreciate and made our adventure trip better. We had a few pieces with us when we left, others we bought along the way. Note that we are backpackers at heart, so you won’t find any suitcase or travel hairdryer here. But camping gear, and functional clothes based on our own experience and travel style.

So if you are an adventure traveler or an outdoor enthusiast, or if you know someone like that, the adventure travel gear listed below will be excellent ideas for Christmas gift or birthday present.

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Travel Photography Gear
Essential Adventure Travel Gear
Patricia’s Backpacking Travel Clothing
Bruno’s Backpacking Clothes
Other Outdoor Backpacking Equipment

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Top Travel Photography Gear

[amazon_link asins=’B003OBUJIK,B00V5ORSZA,B014QWYRS8,B00004ZCI3,B014I58ZHW|B003NJVY14,B00V5ORSZA,B00U3TQVII,B00009UTCR|B06Y5Q5WK3,B00V5ORSZA,B00U3TQVII,B00004ZCI3,B014I58ZHW|B075R1W328,B00V5ORSZK,B00U3TQVII,B00004ZCI3′ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’zewanfro-20|ukzewandering-21|canzewanderin-20|ukzewanderi09-21′ marketplace=’US|UK|CA|FR’ link_id=’ece509b1-82d8-11e8-8323-0d55c618f6ae’]


  • Tripod 
    • MeFOTO Tripod: Quite light and packable, easy to transport and fit in the backpack. Serves as the occasional coat hanger. Find out here about the latest deals
    • Attachment plates
    • JOBY GorillaPod which comes handy to tie up the GoPro to our hiking poles, or stabilize during the camera for more extended exposure and night shots.
Ultimate. Outdoor Adventure Travel Gear List . iPhone as Altimeter

iPhone as Altimeter

Top Essential Adventure Travel Gear

The list below is the must-have when traveling, but because we also are backpackers and trekkers, we have a full list of items – see next section for clothes and gear. hen you travel to explore different destinations, you need to add a few more essential travel items.

  • Pack Converter and Cover: This Sea to Summit Pack Converter is terrific! From converting into a duffle that protects your back when traveling by airline or bus, it also acts as a rain cover when trekking. A must-have while traveling with a backpack. Click here to check the latest deals
  • Sleeping accessories: Eagle Creek Earplugs & Sea to Summit eye-shade are a must-have! From allowing you to get some sleep in noisy buses or when sharing a dorm with snoring roommates, earplugs are a must, either foam or TYR silicon plugs.  And if you are light-sleeper like me, an eye-shade will let you get some rest blocking out any light. Click here to check prices on Amazon | REI 
  • Small day backpack: Because we also carry lots of electronic gear, our Osprey Small day backpacks are about 30L to 40L. By no mean the smallest size, they allow us to have even a jacket, water bottle, in addition to that gear. Plus they make good overnight bags when we just go for a few days on road-tripping on a motorbike Amazon | REI
  • Foldable backpack: These Sea to Summit foldable backpacks are handy for extra shopping capacity, stocking some food, or stashing dirty clothes. And weights nothing. Amazon | REI
  • Packing Cubes: A discovery, well for us anyway. These Eagle Creek Packing Cubes have been great to help organize our clothes, easy to use and pack Amazon | REI
  • Money belt: I prefer non-silk Eagle Creek money belt with an adjustable strap instead of an elastic band, so you adjust when it’s too hot and don’t want the belt too close to your body Amazon | REI
  • Neck pouch: By no mean a replacement of the money belt, neck pouch comes very handy to just store your passport and a little money
  • Dry Bags: Essential for adventure travelers, Sea to Summit Dry bags are great to keep your important documents and electronic gear dry. We recommend 30L to allow enough space for laptops and camera equipment.
  • Luggage locks: Besides locking the bag for airlines and bus transportation, these TSA-approved luggage locks come handy to lock backpacks together with a cable on a train rail, hotel, etc.,  to avoid being stolen Amazon | REI
  • Luggage tags: Useful as not all airlines provide with temporary cards
  • Headlamps: More practical than flashlights, Petzl headlamps to keep our hands free while cooking at night or hiking to catch the sunrise. Amazon | REI


Ultimate. Outdoor Adventure Travel Gear List . Water Filtration System

Water Filtration System


Our Cooking Set

Patricia’s Travel Clothing

For our trekking gear, see here

Here is the list of my summer clothes

Bruno’s Backpacking Clothes

More on his trekking clothes

Other Outdoor Equipment

  • Emergency kit: something similar to this package. Make sure you have a whistle, emergency blanket x 2, candle, waterproof matches, rope, lighter, compass, safety pins, Sharpy pen, pocket mirror, toe, and hand warmers
  • “Bathroom”: deodorant, toothpaste, and toothbrush, eye drops to remove dust or help dry eyes from the sun, lip balm, hand cream, hand sanitizer, sunscreen, TP and GSI Sanitation Trowel.
  • First aid kit. Amazon | REI  Make sure to include sunscreen and mosquito repellent.
  • Mosquito Net: Maybe not the first thing you think of when you back, but in case you don’t bring your tent in summer, a mosquito net can make or break your night. Also very handy when traveling in tropical countries! Amazon | REI
  • Documents: IDs, $20 cash, Insurance card, US National Park card if relevant, topo map, trail description (also on iPhone)

We are constantly updating our packing list, and travel gear as new items, new features, new designs, and new products come up.

Stay tuned for more adventures
from our travel around the world!

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This post contains affiliate links, which means we receive a percentage if you make a purchase using these links – at no cost to you. Our opinions are our own and are not impacted by these partnerships.

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