Wondering what electronic gear we used for our consulting projects? Let’s have a look at some of the travel electronics we’ve been packed through the years. We can only recommend them – these are tough equipment as most of them made it through years of travel, from bus and horse riding, from Mongolia to Iran, and are still kicking strong today!

So whether you are simply traveling for work, or planning on becoming a digital nomad, or thinking about vanlife or 4×4 traveling, check out our list of electronics.

Traveling with Technology

Some gears are better for traveling than others, be it their weight or size, or both, depending on what you are looking for.

Top Electronic Travel Gear

  • Laptops
    • MacBook Air: Small and light, this laptop packs enough power and functions that are perfect for us traveling and working on the go. Mine is the 11″ screen, which unfortunately Apple no longer commercializes. I will need to get a new laptop soon, and will probably get the 13″ but I will miss the smaller size of the 11″ that fits perfectly in bags! Click here for MacBook Air prices
    • Hard plastic cover and protective sleeve for MacBook Air.
    • MacBook Pro: Coding and video editing require a more powerful laptop and this MacPro doesn’t disappoint.
Traveling with Technology: Travel Electronic Gear We Recommend // Bruno on his Apple MacBook Pro

Bruno on his Apple MacBook Pro

  • Smartphone:
    • Our iPhone X serves as a minicomputer!
      • Great to track our expenses, notes, photos, translator, etc.
      • See the list of our top recommended Travel Apps that we use constantly
      • Tip: Make sure to have it unlocked to buy local SIM and data plans while traveling
    • RAWPower Portable battery charger brick: A life-saver for dead iPhone battery!
Traveling with Technology: Travel Electronic Gear We Recommend // Apple iPhone

Apple iPhone

  • eSim
    • Yoho Mobile eSim
      • Specifically designed to help you stay connected with family and friends cost-effectively, regardless of location, so you no longer have to swap for a new SIM every time you enter a new country.
      • Destination coverage over 190 countries: from Japan, USA, Turkey to Cyprus, Egypt, Nigeria, and Malaysia, and more, with regional packages also available: South East Asia, Europe, USA+Canada, Latin America, Asia Pacific, etc. Different plan options to choose from, depending on your usage and destinations. And up to 30+ carrier partner roaming agreements, including some of the major carriers in Portugal and Spain, like Moviestar and Orange
      • To stay cost-effective, the plans support most communication apps, but standard SMS services are not included. Some plans like Unlimited Data do not come with a cell number, and the network speed for this plan is limited to 128kbps.
      • Easy to install using a QR Code, with online account access to manage history, and responsive Customer Support to help you through any changes or adjustments like the hotspot mentioned above.
      • Hotspot can be directly utilized on most phones; only a select few older phone models require APN settings to be adjusted when activating the hotspot.
      • The flexibility of one “card” connecting with different carriers and providers across other countries still requires the roaming service signal to be anchored in one definite location, here in the Netherlands, which meant the browser might be in Dutch and might require the change of location to access some services while in another country.
    • Note: The Yoho Mobile team trusted us with their eSIM, which we tested in Portugal and Spain. We thank Yoho for partnering with us to review their product. Our opinions are our own and are not impacted by this sponsorship. We are getting a commission from any sales generated by this link.
  • Earbuds:
    • Soundcore Liberty 4
        • No more hanging and tangled cables! (I used to have three pairs: 1 for ear comfort, 1 for laptop, and 1 for iPhone), and a nice small box to charge (though the battery has been holding impressively well so far) and avoid being loose in my bag
        • Easy to set up, with a straightforward mobile application, many settings and control options, and even a test to find the best suitable position!
        • I loved that it recognizes my regular devices thanks to the Dual connections, though it would be even better if the laptop connection would stay connected instead of having to set the link every time.
        • Excellent, clear sounds and a terrific noise canceling feature, especially as we travel in windy spots for kiteboarding
        • It comes with a Wellness feature, a great way to track the heart rate while working out, listening to music, and checking my stress level during the day! A bit of a lag synching with the mobile app, though, so not perfect for data tracking fanatics, but a nice feature throughout the day nonetheless.
        • The earbuds come in four sizes of CloudComfort Ear Tips, from small to large, though I wish the small size were even smaller (I do have tiny ears…)
        • Overall, a well-rounded pair of wireless earbuds with cool and performing features – and I feel cool walking with them!
        • SPECIAL OFFER! Use code ZeWanderingFrogs & Save US$20 on Soundcore website!
        • Note: The Soundcore team at Anker Innovations gifted us this pair of Liberty 4, and we thank them for partnering with us and trusting us to review their product. Our opinions are our own and are not impacted by this sponsorship. We are not getting any commission from the above discount and from any sales generated by this link.
        Traveling with Technology: Travel Electronic Gear We Recommend // Soundcore Liberty 4, Apple iPhone

        Soundcore Liberty 4, Apple iPhone

    Top Electronic Accessories

    • Cables:
      • Extension cord: Because the socket is usually on the other side of the room…
      • Spare USB cables (micro, mini, lightning)
    • Binoculars: If you are bird watching or planning any type of trip observing wildlife, you need a pair of binoculars. Very handy to spot the little creatures!
    • eReader: The backlit screen of my Kindle Paperwhite can be adjusted to the light level and is great for the bright outdoors or night tent reading. I was even able to read on the bright deck of a sailboat! Click here to find out more about Kindle.

    Top Safety Travel Gear

    • Packsafe Luggage steel wire to protect electronic gear while staying in a hostel or away. This gives us peace of mind while we explore cities, and one of the many anti-theft items you might want to consider for your peace of mind. Click here to find on Amazon | REI
    • GPS System: We use this Delorme InReach Satellite Communicator to keep track of our tracks and inform friends and family when we are on the road. We used it a bit in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California but used it especially to give an update on our location and status from the remote mountains of Mongolia when visiting the Tsaatan reindeer herders, or trekking in the jungle of Papua. Check here for the latest deals.

    We are constantly updating our packing list, and travel gear as new items, new features, new designs, and new products come up.

    Stay tuned for more adventures
    from our travel around the world!

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