Thailand and Vietnam might come first to mind when you think Asia, but the region has much more to offer than beaches and popular resorts. Not than anything is wrong with relaxing on the beach! But if you are looking for adventure travel and thrilling off-the-beaten-path experiences, check these countries below.

Underrated Travel Destinations in Asia

From Mongolia to Papua New Guinea, the islands of Borneo and Papua in Indonesia, and the high mountains of Kyrgyzstan, remote destinations and rarely explored regions extend exciting opportunities ready for the adventurous spirits. We are Sri Lanka to the list, and while the country is not as remote as Mongolia, the tiny island is often overlooked for other more popular destinations.

Adventure Travel in Mongolia

If you like open space, from endless green steppes, arid landscape of the Gobi desert, to the tall peaks of the Altai Mountains, then you will love Mongolia. Deep in traditional culture and nomad life, Mongolia is the land of the goats and sheeps, of roaming yaks and camels, of ancient palaces and Buddhist temples where Genghis Khan walked and managed his vast empire. The road infrastructures are limited, not many Mongols speak English, but their warm welcome will make you feel like home. Just be prepared for long day drives on bumpy roads (or no road at all!)

Mongolia Top Things to See and Do

  • Spend a couple of days in Ulaanbaatar to check the Gandan Tegchenling Monastery, the Choijin Lama Temple Museum, Winter Palace of the Bogd Khan, shop for knick-knacks at the Naran Tuul Market and stroll the Genghis Khan Sukhbaatar Square.
  • Go on a Day Trip from Ulaanbaatar to explore the Gorkhi-Terelj National Park on horse, or observe the unique Takhi (Przewalski wild horses) in the Hustai National Park
  • Road-trip through the Gobi desert for five days, hiking the Khongoryn Els dunes, visiting monasteries, and meeting large herds of camels roaming the plains
  • Explore Central Mongolia and its numerous monasteries like Tövkhön monastery
  • Stay with the Tsaatan reindeer herders in the north of Lake Khövsgöl, and learn about their millennia-old traditions
  • Venture to the Altai region. A gem in itself! Learn about the Kazakh culture, meet with eagles hunters during the Golden Eagle Festival, trek in the Altai Tavan Bogd National Parks and see the Potanin Glacier.

Mongolia Photo Gallery

Off-the-Beaten-Path Papua New Guinea

PNG is probably one of the last frontiers of this modern world. Limited road infrastructure, limited tourism developments, the country is hard to travel. But the scenery is mostly untouched, the culture and traditions powerful. Once you pass the seemingly unwelcome stance of the people, you will meet the most friendly and caring people. We could feel the tense relations within local people. Everyone’s first words would be “be careful, it’s dangerous here,” but then that person would immediately take us under their care. Over and over again, be it the security guard at the supermarket, the family of three during an impromptu night in an open shelter, the bus driver, or strangers at the market.

Papua New Guinea is a complex mix of over 850 languages and traditions, modernity where you can pay with credit cards but where no roads connect two of the main cities on the coast. Everyone speaks English, one of the country languages with Tok Pisin. Though it lacks on amenities, PNG is rather expensive, so be prepared for a higher budget f you want to explore the country. As far as underrated travel destinations go, PNG is rough, tough, but worth it.

Papua New Guinea Things to Do and See

  • Sepik River and its Crocodile Traditions
  • Highlands and Mount Hagen
  • Islands such as New Ireland, New Britain, and Bougainville

Papua New Guinea Photo Gallery

Experience Indonesia Beyond Bali

Bali and the Gili Islands are by far the most popular destinations in Indonesia. Perfect for those searching relaxing beach time, tropical weather, and Indonesian culture. But Indonesia is composed of 18,000 different islands – a lifetime of discovery away from the beaten paths, places where you will seldom see any other tourist. So while Bali is a great way to get familiar with Indonesia (and probably the cheapest way to access the country), use it as a step to land in Indonesia, and then explore other islands

Papua Things to Do

  • The deep turquoise water in Raja Ampat for world-famous scuba-diving
  • The tall, dark green jungle mountains in the Baliem Valley are perfect for remote trekking through Papua villages
  • Papua has a lot to offer to the adventurous spirits, with traditions and ethnicity setting it apart from other islands in Indonesia

Flores Attractions

Closer to Bali, many people just spend a few days to observe the famous Komodo Dragons in the national parks of the same name. But most don’t explore the island of Flores which has exciting attractions like Mount Kelimutu. An excellent way to discover Flores is to drive from Maumere to Labuan Bajo on a 5-day itinerary.

Kalimantan Borneo Jungle

Head to the Kutai National Park for a chance to see some of the few remaining wild orangutans living in their natural habitat.

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Sri Lanka Travel Experiences

While Sri Lanka is not as remote or as under-explored as Mongolia and Papua New Guinea, Sri Lanka is often shadowed by its more significant neighbors India or Thailand. A small country packed with fantastic travel and outdoor opportunities adventurous travelers will love. With a good network of buses and trains, you can travel efficiently around the country. The country is safe, most Sri Lankans speak some level of English, and you will like the chill atmosphere wherever you go.

Sri Lanka Top Things to Do and See

  • Water sports: scuba-diving, Arugam bay surfing, kiteboarding in Kalpitiya and Mannar
    Mountains: hikes by Adam’s Peak, Hortons Plains, Ella, and Haputale
  • Historical sites: Sigiriya, Aranadaphura, Jaffna, Galle, with many ruins in Sri Lanka over 2,000 years old
  • Varied Traditions from Hindu, Buddhist, Christian, to Muslims, all centuries old and more.
  • Wildlife: Leopards in Wilpattu National Park, Elephants in Yala, and birdwatching in many sanctuaries like the Adam’s Bridge Marine National Park

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China Minorities: From Desert to High-Plateaux

Away from the more popular cities of Beijing, Shanghai, Guilin, and Xian head to the western borders of China. From the remote and under-explored Xinjiang. The old towns of Yunnan, or the high plateaux and passes of the Kham Province in Sichuan.

Xinjiang Things to See

The northwestern province is home to the Uighurs, most of them Muslims, and offers distinct traditions. Many of the towns were part of the famous Silk Road, along the arid Taklamakan desert of the Tarim Basin.

  • Tulufan: Also called Turpan, the town is known for its dry raisins. The whole area is rich with millennia-old ruins, and historical Silk road cities like Gushi, Gaochang, and Jiaohe
  • Kashgar: the old town of Kashgar is like stepping back in time, with small cobblestone streets, a large mosque, shops, and tea houses.

Yunnan Attractions & Activities

The southern region extends from snow-capped mountains to deep jungle. Kunming is the main city and has its charm, including the Stone Forest in Shilin. But make sure to head to the mountains for a different feel of the region.

  • Dali: Wander the small narrow streets of the old town, walk the remaining stone walls by the South Gate, bike around the Erhai lake, or hike to the Cangshan mountain.
  • Lijiang is further up the mountains, and the Baisha Old Town used to be also a major city on the Silk Road. Explore the Naxi villages, or head to the Tiger Leaping Gorge for excellent hiking opportunities
  • Shangri-la is high in the mountains and has a strong Tibetan influence with the Songzanlin monastery and several temples.

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Central Asia Explorations

Many countries in Central Asia should be in the mind of any adventurous traveler. We had plans to visit these lands in 2017, but some injuries had us postponed our trip, hopefully into 2018! In the meantime, fellow traveler bloggers shared their experiences in these countries. See why these are worth adding to your travel list!


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Have you been to any of these countries? Any other country you think should be listed? What is on your travel list for 2018?

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