We are proud to introduce our new 2021 Calendars, packed with photos of our travel experiences!

For 2021, we are offering our premium photo calendars. These are LIMITED calendars from photos we took during our travels. Hurry, order today and receive your 2021 Calendars in time for the holiday season. Great for gifts to family and friends, as well as coworkers or white elephant gifts. 🇫🇷 Nos calendriers 2021 sont aussi disponibles en Français.🇫🇷

Donation to WWF: 10% of our profit will be donated to the World Wildlife Fund.
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2021 Photo Calendar: Pakistan Travels

One of our newest photo wall calendars! Explore the north of Pakistan, hike the stunning Hunza and Phander valleys, meet the amazing Balti, Wakhi, and Kalash people living in traditional villages of Machollo, Chipursan, and Ramboor. Discover in photos why Pakistan is such an incredibly beautiful country.

2021 Photo Calendar: Papua New Guinea

Discover through this calendar the traditions and village life of the Sepik River in Papua New Guinea. Admire traditional dances and masks, fishing, pottery, and sago making, and see why PNG is such a fantastic country, one of the most remote places on earth.

2021 Photo Calendar – Skies of Mongolia

Mongolia’s skies are different. Noticeably different and beautifully so. It could be because of the abundance of unobstructed immensities, or because one’s sight is rarely distracted by artificial features or human construction.

Through 13 photos of this full-page calendar, discover Central Mongolia, explore the taiga around Lake Khovsgol in the North, the Gobi Desert in the South, and the Altai Mountains in the West and witnessed the skies’ endless changing moods.

2021 Photo Calendar – Traditions of Asia

Witness various traditions across Asia, particularly festivals, ceremonies, and dance performances. All more colorful than these others, all unique and exceptional.

This Calendar – Traditions of Asia include original photos on the Kartze Monastery, Jaisalmer Desert Festival, Crocodile Ceremony in Papua New Guinea, Kazakh Golden Eagle Festival in Mongolia, Sacred City of Anuradhapura in Sri Lanka, Pura Besakih Temple in Bali, Indonesia, Pushkar in Rajasthan, Tambaram Mask Dance in Papua New Guinea, Ruteng in Indonesia.

2021 Photo Calendar – Mountains of Asia

Take a stroll through the mountains of the Kham province in China, watch the sunrise over Mount Kelimuntu in Indonesia or Adam’s Peak in Sri Lanka, along with the trails the Baliem Valley in Papua, in the Altai Tavan Bogd National Park and the Tagai in Mongolia… Asia is packed with tall mountains and high peaks, way beyond the famous Himalayas.

Photo Calendars: WWF Donation

As wildlife advocates and ocean aficionados, we will donate 10% of our profit on each 2021 Calendar to the WWF.

Why we donate to the World Wildlife Fund? The organization supports:

  • Endangered species around the world, from the black rhino in southern Africa regions, snow leopard in the Himalayas, to the marine biodiversity of the Coral Triangle in the western Pacific Ocean.
  • Projects protecting the forest and wildlife of endangered regions such as the Borneo and Sumatra, the Amazon, the Congo Basin, and the Greater Mekong, as well as ocean protection, which is crucial for us as divers.
  • Management and access to freshwater and sustainable food systems
  • Works towards renewable energy and actions on climate change

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