Why Us

Bruno & I in Cappadocia

We are Patricia and Bruno – Ze Wandering Frogs, French-American living the American Dream in Oakland, California, at least before August 2016 . We are currently on a round-the-world-trip, explored Mongolia, China and India, with more Asia, Middle East, Africa, and Latin America countries to come! See our itinerary here to follow our adventures

Patricia is the blogger and social media expert behind this adventure travel blog, and Bruno is the photographer and video consultant of the team. Professionally, Patricia is the former Director of Content Marketing at Viator.com, a TripAdvisor company, and Bruno is VP Software Engineer at Black Diamond Video.

Outdoor lovers, we enjoy our California backyards, from snowboarding and snowshoeing around Lake Tahoe in winter, to windsurfing & kiteboarding in the San Francisco Bay Area Delta or backpacking in the Sierra Nevada in the summer.

Travelers at heart, we lived in France, Scotland, Taiwan, Germany, and the USA and discovered 30+ countries worldwide, from Australia, China, Thailand, Benin, Senegal to Ecuador, Brazil, Mexico, and Canada.

More about us and our background here.


Social Media:

  • Followers: +4,500 (Twitter 29%, Instagram 17%, Pinterest 32%, Facebook 8%)
  • Klout: 61
  • Domain Authority: 26
  • Page Authority: 38

Monthly Analytics:

  • Page Views: 2,200 average
  • Traffic Source: Social Media 24% (Pinterest 34%, StumbleUpon 27%, Facebook 25%, Twitter 13%), Organic 41%, Direct 21%, Referral 15%
  • Demographic: USA 30%, France 9%, Canada 5%, Australia 4%, UK 4%
  • Age: 25-34 (35%), 35-44 (16%), 45-54 (17%)

Market Niche:

  • Adventure Travel & Outdoor Activities, Wildlife & Traditional Culture

– – Data as of August 2017


National Geographic YourShot Daily Dozen Publication  Liebster Award






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